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Jo Ann Bryce LMT, LC, CMMP

Jo Ann has been a long-time resident of Pennsylvania where she attended college at Bucks County Community College and received her AA in Early Childhood Education.  While attending Bucks College, she was the treasurer of an organization called Faith, Hope and Charity, where she worked with underprivileged families and individuals to help them achieve their goals.  She was also instrumental in starting several new programs that benefitted the community.  It was during this time that she was nominated for the Most Positive Attitude Award.  Afterwards, she earned her degree in Early Childhood Education and became a teacher, educational instructor, assistant director and supervisor.  Later she returned to school at Cortiva Institute to become a Massage Therapist.  While attending Cortiva, she performed volunteer work at Villanova, St. Joe’s University, and Doylestown Children Rehabilitation Center.  Both before and after graduation, she has furthered her education and knowledge on how to help others.  While still a practicing Massage Therapist, she earned her certification in life coaching and nutrition from MentorCoach. and debt counseling. 



Deep tissue, Swedish, Pre-Natal, Sports, Lymphatic, Trigger Point, Reflexology, Fascial, Post-Op, Infant, Medical massage, Neuromuscular, Pattering, PTSD training and Oncology

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Dr. Kathryn Henry

Dr. Kate Henry is a naturopathic doctor whose knowledge and clinical experience allow her to successfully treat a wide range of health conditions and patients of all ages. Her expertise as a primary care doctor focuses on nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and preventative medicine.


As an experienced diagnostician and functional medicine expert, Dr. Henry utilizes advanced and comprehensive laboratory work combined with clinical judgment to find the true root cause of ill health.


As a result of Dr. Henry’s firm belief in the mind-body-spirit connection, she also specializes in advanced medical biofeedback, counseling and natural psychiatry, allowing her to provide the most comprehensive, holistic care available today.


Dr. Henry’s passion for wellness began as a teenager, when she discovered the power of nutrition to optimize athletic performance in both sports and weightlifting. Her commitment to studying natural and functional medicine deepened after watching several family members heal from celiac disease - an autoimmune disorder that affects digestion and metabolism - using a nutritional approach. Today, she enjoys empowering her clients to reach their peak health performance goals, whether it is on the sports field or in work and family life.


Dr. Henry treats each individual with this basic tenet: the human body has inherent wisdom and the natural ability to fix and heal itself.   This is accomplished by supporting and promoting the body’s natural tendency towards health and vitality by combining traditional healing methods with science-based modern medicine.   Dr. Henry’s medical training allows her to expertly identify and successfully treat the hidden, underlying causes of chronic health issues, including autoimmune disease, metabolic disturbances like fatigue and weight gain, hormone imbalances and deficiencies, gastrointestinal disorders, chronic infections and much more.

Call:  708-426-1277

Scheduling:  https://www.doctorkatehenry.com

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Samantha Ryan

Samantha is a graduate from Wellness Institute of Chester County. She enjoys helping others when every she can, by helping them relax and de-stress. Samantha specializes in Swedish massage, Prenatal, Deep tissue, and Relaxation. She adapts her massages to the clients needs and wants. She has a very warm personality and underneath her mask a very warm smile.



Swedish, Prenatal, Deep tissue, and Relaxation.