"Jo Ann is a great massage therapist, I had pulled my muscle in my neck and went down my whole back, I couldn't move, she had worked on the right muscles to relieve the pain and discomfort I was in, I wish I had gone to her sooner, before I knew it I was moving perfectly again!"
– Beth​

"As an athlete, it is vital for me to keep my body at its peak. One great way to aid in this is with professional deep tissue massages. I started going to JoAnne in 2009 and have been with her ever since. She really understands the body and how it works relative to your daily life - whether your an athlete, like myself, sit at a desk all day, work on your feet, a full-time parent, retired, or just need to relax due to the stress of everyday life. Her knowledge is the key to her delivery of consistent quality service. In addition, she makes you feel immediately welcomed and comfortable. I highly recommend anyone to hire JoAnn."

– Jen

"Jo Ann is an absolute professional. I have worked with her on many occasions, and the results have always been spectacular. It would be difficult to find a better value."

– Andy

"I receive a full body massage from Jo Ann multiple times per year. Recently I have had her concentrate on my neck and back as that is where I hold my stress, which becomes painful over time. The massage helps relieve the stress and worries, not only taking the knots out of my muscles but the knots out of my thinking. Jo Ann is a well trained, professional massage therapist who truly takes an interest in her client's health and well being. I always look forward to my hour of total relaxation!"

– Mary

"Jo Ann is a skilled massage therapist who knows muscles, their function, and all the issues they can cause. She is very good at finding knots, tightness, and any other issue and bringing relief. Not only do I see Jo Ann, but I also take my son to her as she is awesome with sports injuries and sport induced tightness. She is definitely someone to see on a regular basis to prevent and improve muscle issues."

– Ann

"Simply one of the best bodyworkers I've ever had the privilege to be treated by. And a great person to boot!"